“RULER-OWNER-CREATOR of the Universe!”

ALLAH, in Arabic (or ALAH, in Hebrew) “IS” the CREATOR (“GOD”) of the Universe. YAH “IS” the RULER and OWNER (“LORD”) of the Universe. ALLAH “IS” also YAH: the same PERSON WHO Rules and Owns the Universe “HE” Created! YAH = “I AM” = “LORD”: ALLAH = “SELF EXIST” = “GOD”. Therefore, YAH ALLAH can ONLY “BE” ONE PERSON with NO other person, or persons coequal! Hence, YAH ALLAH “IS” the ONLY ONE PERSON WHO can ever “BE” my “LORD”, “GOD”, “ALL”, “SAVIOUR” and “REDEEMER”! Thus, I have accepted, ONLY, YAH ALLAH as my “LORD”, my “GOD”, my “ALL”, my “SAVIOUR” and my “REDEEMER”, and “HE” feels ”Jealous” about “BEING” THE ONLY ONE PERSON WHO “IS” THE “FATHER” that all, other, “persons” worship and pray to!


  • LH = “SELF EXIST”, or “ALL IS”
  • Y = “I” (singular “subject pronoun” = ONLY ONE PERSON)
  • H = “AM”/“EXIST”/“BE”/“IS”
  • W = “WHO”/“THAT” (singular “relative pronoun” = ONLY ONE PERSON)
  • H = “AM”/“EXIST”/“BE”/“IS”
  • L = “ALL”/“SELF”
  • H = “AM”/“EXIST”/“BE”/“IS”

YHWH has been replaced with “LORD” (RULER-OWNER), and ALLAH (or ALAH) has been replaced with “GOD” (CREATOR), and “King” has been replaced with “Lord” (as in the case of YAH ALLAH’S First-Created/First-Begotten son called “Lord” = “King” Yahshayah/“Jesus” who is NOT equal to YAH ALLAH!). YAH is the shortened form of YAHUWAH, in Hebrew.

Y is often interchanged with the English letter J, and YAH has been replaced with “Jah”, and YAHUWAH has been replaced with “Jehovah”/“Yehovah”/“Yihovah”/“Yahweh” (Anglicized).

YAH ALLAH SPOKE the “Word” into “Form” and made the “Form” of the “Word” to “Be” the holy, “Spirit” (First-Created Angel’s holy-Spirit) of YAH ALLAH. I have accepted the holy, “Spirit” (First-Created Angel’s holy-Spirit) of YAH ALLAH as the “Spirit” of YAH ALLAH’S “Truththrough which YAH ALLAH “Saves” me in this life, and YAH ALLAH “Redeems” me in the afterlife. The “Spirit” of YAH ALLAH’S “Truth” CANNOT be found in any Holy Book, but the “Truth” of YAH ALLAH’S “Spirit” can be found in YAH ALLAH’S “Righteousness”, in the Hebrew Bible of YAH ALLAH’S “Torah”, which is the “Word of GOD” (Tsadaq’Al = Righteousness of GOD = Word of GOD = New Name of Yahshayah/“Jesus”). 

The “Spirit” of YAH ALLAH’S “Truth” was, and is the First-Created Angel Being (Spirit Being) that YAH ALLAH made, and named Al’Yah Shayah (“Eli Yahshayah”/“Elijah Messiah”) of the “Old Testament”. The “Spirit” of YAH ALLAH’S “Truth” became the “Word” of YAH ALLAH’S “Torah” that YAH ALLAH also made into an Israelite Hebrew Prophet (human being), of Canaanite Hamitic Semitic Lineage, named Yahshayah Ben David (or Ben Joseph) of the “New Testament”, but Yahshayah (“Jesus”) is NOT YAH ALLAH! Hence, YAH ALLAH Gives “HIS” Promised “Spirit of Truth” to those who ask in “HIS” NAME = YAH ALLAH, and YAH ALLAH has already Given the Promises of “HIS” written “Word of Torah”, in order for YAH ALLAH to, “Save” our Well-being in this life while we are still physically alive, and “Redeem” our Perfection in the afterlife after we physically die!

YAH ALLAH “IS” THE ONLY ONE PERSON WHO “Saves” and “Redeems” us when we choose to accept the “Spirit of Truth” into our “hearts”, and obey the “Word of Torah” that’s been written upon our “hearts”. Hence the True Worshippers of the True, “LORD-GOD”, YAH ALLAH, are those who worship “HIM” in “Spirit” AND in “Truth”, which are those, like me, who worship YAH ALLAH through, “faith” of allegiance in the “Spirit” of “Messiah”, PLUS “works” of obedience in the “Truth” of the “Torah” (John 4:22-24; John 14:21-28; Revelation 3:10-14; Revelation 14:12; Revelation 12:17; Revelation 19: 9-13; Proverbs 16:13; Proverbs 13:13; Proverbs 3:1-2; Isaiah 26:1-4; Psalms 83:14-18; Isaiah 12:2; Psalms 150:1-6; Psalms 68:1-4; Revelation 19:1, 3, 4, 6).  

[Yahshayah (“Jesus”) was, in fact, a “Jew” of African, Arabian and Asian Lineages who started and promoted the Nazarene Sect of “Nazarene Hebrewism” within Palestinian Judaism during the 1st Century AD. Yahshayah (“Jesus”) claimed he was NOT YAH the “LORD”, and Yahshayah (“Jesus”) claimed he was NOT EQUAL to YAH the “LORD”! Yahshayah (“Jesus”) worshipped and prayed to his/our FATHER WHO “IS” GREATER than Yahshayah (“Jesus”). Yahshayah (“Jesus”) claimed that, he was in “Unity” with YAH the “LORD”, and we too can be in “Unity” with YAH the “LORD” through, our “faith” of allegiance in the “Spirit” of “Messiah” (Yahshayah/“Jesus”), PLUS our “works” of obedience in the “Truth” of the “Torah” (John 14:16-28; James 2:17; Romans 7:12-25; James 4:10-17; Ephesians 1:3-20; 1 Peter 1:1-12; Philippians 1:1-11; 2nd Chronicles 34:1-33; Psalm 103:1-18; Revelation 3:13, 14; Isaiah 40:18-23; Isaiah 48:11).]

In Conclusion:

There “IS” ONLY ONE PERSON WHO CREATED the Universe! Two persons did NOT create the Universe! Three persons did NOT create the Universe! THE CREATOR’S First-Formed “Word” (First-Created “Son”/Yahshayah/“Jesus”), is NOT THE CREATOR. The First-Formed “Word” (First-Created “Son”/Yahshayah/“Jesus”) is NOT equal to THE CREATOR! There “IS” ONLY ONE PERSON WHO WILL ALWAYS “BE” THE ONLY ONE PERSON WHO CREATED the Universe, and “HE”, THE “FATHER”, CREATED the Universe through “HIS” First-Formed “Word” (First-Created “Son”/Yahshayah/“Jesus”) inSpirit” and in  “Truth”, within THE CREATOR’S Righteousness that can be found in the Hebrew “Messiah”, and in the Hebrew “Torah”, respectively, but we do NOT worship or pray to, the Hebrew “Messiah”, or the Hebrew “Torah”, because we ONLY worship and pray to THE RULER OWNER CREATOR of the Universe (WHO “IS” ONLY ONE PERSON), and we worship and pray to ONLY “HIM”, THE “FATHER”, in “HIS” Hebrew Holy, and Highest Name, the Name (Ha Shem) above all names, YAHUWAH ALLAH!!!

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